Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hard At Work

You better believe that with all the painting that has to be done around here that I put these kids to work... HA. Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes in our house knows that nothing could be farther from the truth. "Mom, do I get to help yet?" "Yeah, in just a minute." "That's what you said last time and I never got to..." So for the record, Sierra AND Jordan helped paint the paneling (oh, stop it, you "knotty" wall). That is until I ran out of paint. It's not that I didn't want to finish and got distracted, I just couldn't finish. This time I am merely the victim. Of course, helping Mom has taken a back seat to the newest excitement: registering for 7th grade. Seventh grade?? When, exactly, did I get so old? In any case, I discovered that it's always easier to register for a school WHEN YOU ACTUALLY LIVE IN THE SCHOOL BOUNDARIES. I know. Apparently they have some kind of guidelines when it comes to things of this sort. School Secretary:"Why did you think that she was supposed to go to Bowman?" Me:"Because that's what my husband said." SS: "Did he request a transfer so she could go?" Me: "Um, the lady at church said so, too. And I already filled out all the paperwork. And we have an appointment at 2 o'clock to register. I'm looking like a big loser, aren't I?" And no, not in the cool weight loss way. So we made our way to the REAL school, and, although there was a bit panic, since she had her heart set on Bowman, she has now made the transition to become an Apache. The magic word? Electives. Spanish 1 and Theater. Let the fun begin...


  1. I am proud of you to be an Apache! I will send you STUFF from "Sanger- The Apache Country"... DRAMA... You don't NEED drama (Sierra) You ARE my Drama! Congratulations...Love You...Grandpa

  2. So the rumor is true, your blog is ridiculously funny! As far as the feeling old part, atleast the upside is you have cute kids to show from it. I'm convinced the Phillips kids have good genes. By the way, I think I remember your baby shower from back in the day, I hope that doesn't make me old too, lol.

  3. The thought of Cannon going into Jr. High is freaky to me too. She looks beautiful and ready for the challenge!

  4. Okay, this post just CRACKS me up! Apache, huh? I was a "Blackfoot Nation" chick, but I'm having major Clark flashbacks as I read the words 7th grade and Apache in the same paragraph.

    Oooooo...Mufasa. Say it again.


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