Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

That's right - IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!
It is finally here - and not a moment too late.
Between the move and Brendan's first year of not attending
summer school (due to the move), it's been a LONGGGGG summer.
The boys showing off their new backpacks that the school was handing out (for FREE!) at the "sneak peak" a few days ago. They got to meet their teachers, check out their lockers and run around the gym like wild monkeys. The loot after one of our school supply shopping trips. Ahhh...there's nothing like the smell of new crayons. It means that autumn, the best season of all, will soon be here. Not to mention all the stores are getting out the "fall" clothes, so I can stock up on all the brown/olive/red/gray etc etc stuff that will disappear come spring. The little ducks all in a row. Up at 6am to leave the house by 7:15. This year we are doing the odd grades: 7,5,3,1 and......Hayden starts preschool today too, which means ALL THE CHILDREN ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! (at least until 10:45am) How many years have I dreamed of this day?
As I left him with his teacher, his cries of protest echoed throughout the halls, but the birds were singing so sweetly and the trumpets were playing their songs of victory so loudly, I couldn't hear a thing...You can tell from the photo how thrilled he is.
Yesterday we went for a walk as a family, and as we turned the corner from our street we saw something in the road. I'll give you a hint : Brendan knew exactly what it was. DON'T GO ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH.
We are in Texas now and we play by Texas rules. One of those rules is that it's okay to take pictures of roadkill. Or at least that's what we've been told. Especially when the roadkill is something that would go on a list that begins with "You know you're in Texas when...". Yep -it's an armadillo. Oops, I mean "armadilla." I know, gross and disgusting, but we interpreted as a sign of good fortune. It has now been dubbed "The Traditional Back To School Armadillo." He obviously just came out a little early.

(When we got home Jordan asked if there was a way for us to cut out the part of his brain that had the image of that scene "stuck there." )


  1. WOW! You are a super speedy poster! Hope you have a great day getting lots done!!

  2. mmmmm armadillas for dinner! This is the type of thing the boys watch for "man vs. wild" and "survivorman" on the discovery channel! You can check it out and get dinner tips any night of the week! Excuse me while I wash the vomit out of my mouth.

  3. YEAH for you! I'm excited for you to get a little break after all those years of a breakless mothers life. I hope your children Love their teachers and beautiful Sierra likes Jr. High. 7th grade was a bad one for me.

    BTW the road kill was NASTY. I guess you know that because you saw it in real life. Unlike you I wouldn't want to take a picture of it. I would do my best to get that image out of my mind. YUK!

  4. wow, that armadillo was pretty dang cool

  5. "Armadiiila!" Have you seen that Diego? The kids loved the roadkill pic:)

  6. Love the song. Good for you, momma. Atticus has been singing Alics Cooper's School's out lately (where did my 5 year old get that from?) and I'm thinking, "No, Schooooooool's IN. For. Ever!"

  7. Holy school supplies! Sheesh!

    I've lived her 18 mos and had never seen an "armadilla". So I thought they didn't live here!! My husband, when I told that to him, was like, "Of course armadillos live here!" like I was "stooopid" or sumthin'

    Wow, I'm writing lots of comments.


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