Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy (Late) Birthday / Baptism, Jordan!

Since we didn't have internet back on 7-11 when Jordan "officially" turned 8, I figured we'd just combine his birthday slide show with his baptism photos. Yep, you have to wait until the end. As I went through a bunch of his pictures from growing up, I realized that the subtitle of his life should read, "Getting Over The Damage Done By Having A 3 Year Old Big Sister." The dress up, the tea parties, playing school...he gets so mad when he sees all that :) But he was smiling all day long on were Mom & Dad. Baptism is a big deal, and he took it very seriously. Yesterday at church he got to sit on the stand with the Bishopric up until they got to the announcements. I thought he was going to cry when they asked him, he looked so embarrassed. "You don't have to go up if you don't want to," I told him. "No Mom, I need to be up there." Such a big boy.


  1. He always has that "Jordan" look in all his pictures and his cute no-teeth smile. I bet Sierra loves having topless pics of her on there as well! =) Camden has always looked like you, but Sierra is looking more like your mini-me the older she gets.
    I'll try & find some embarassing ones of us sisters so they won't feel so bad.

    Did you finish the book yet??

  2. Ohhh! I imagined Jordan's reaction as I saw the princess pictures! HA! Love the slide show. Congratulations Jordan on getting baptized! We are so proud of you!

  3. Congratulations Jordan! What a HANDSOME Missionary YOU make! You need to get that photo in a frame and keep it around. I'm thinking that he will look the same.... only TALLER when he does go on his mission later on! I can't believe how much he hasn't changed "his look" since he was a baby!

    We are so proud of him and his dedication to doing what is right! Keep up the good work Jordan!



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