Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't Step In The Mush

Top Ten Reasons That I Love Roger Even More Now Than 13 Years Ago: 10. PATIENCE. You have to appreciate a man that would endure 9 years (from first conception to last weaning) of back-to-back pregnancies/nursing. Those years for him were strictly "these aren't for you"(you moms know what I'm referring to), "don't even think about it," and "you've got to be on crack if you interpreted that look as interest". It still is a mystery how we ended up with so many kiddos. 9. CHARITY. It is a rare occasion that I even have to ask for a foot massage. Or for him to rub my head, get me a drink, or even (gasp) to surrender the remote. A relaxed wife just makes for an easier transition when the kids go to bed, eh? It's a win-win situation. Okay, now I know how we got so many. 8. TIDINESS. He always puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, puts the toothpaste back in the drawer, and cleans up after he makes a mess in the kitchen. All things that I wish he could say about me. But he never complains as he steps over the minimum of two pairs of shoes on the floor by our bed, the incomplete "projects" all over the house, or the dinner preparation mess left out overnight. Or longer. 7. TWO WORDS: Buys Tampons. And doesn't need to buy anything else to disguise the purchase of said items. He even knows the difference between cardboard and plastic (and which I prefer). Pretty impressive due to the relative lack of experience (see #10) 6. SECURITY. The children cheer when Dad calls out, "Who wants to go to the store?" after I have reached my boiling point. What they don't know is that he is actually protecting them from me. 5. COMPANIONSHIP. Can appreciate a good "girl movie" and, although he protests to HGTV being a fixture in our household - or maybe because of it - can hum the theme song to "Divine Design" without hesitation. He even knows the hosts names ("Whatever happened to that Joan Steffand lady?") and can appropriately use the word "vignette" in a sentence. 4. HUNGRY. When met with a pause when calling to ask what's for dinner, he often quickly covers with, "I was thinking that maybe we should just take the kids out and get some burgers." 3. PUSHOVER. With one look or giggle I can make him laugh at church or any other place that it would be inappropriate. And get him in trouble for it, all the while looking completely appalled at his behavior. Think Elaine and the Pez dispenser. 2. INTELLIGENCE. Okay, so this is something I have a love/hate relationship with. He knows everything there is to know about music from the 80's (okay, 70's-90's really). Everything. Which band split up to form which band, who was the drummer on any particular tour, the sequential order of album releases, and the country of origin of any given solo artist. Nothing is so sweet (or irritating, depending on my mood) as singing along in the car and having him interrupt with, "Do you know who's singing backup on the song?" Yes dear, you ARE the smartest man in the whole world. Except when it comes to scouts. 1. BLINDNESS. When we got married, I was 18, he was 25. I didn't realize what an advantage this would be until now, when he tells me that I look better today than the day when we got married. I didn't realize that when you age, the eyesight is the first to go. Score.


  1. You must know that I continue to put your relationship in the "one of the healthiest marriage relationship" categories. Maybe it's because I was hysterically laughing, esp. at "security". And the tampons... that's true love!

  2. #11 He NEVER, EVER gets upset with YOUR MOTHER. He wouldn't because it might make me sad, which would make you sad, AND HE would NEVER want to have YOU SAD because of him. I give him sooooo many opportunties to get upset (not on purpose mind you... just being myself).... and he just continues on calm and collect like nothing ever happened. How many women can say that about their Husbands and their Mothers... Not too many that I know of. Yep... Gotta love Roger for that tooo.... but perhaps it goes under "PATIENCE"?

    Love, MOM

  3. Rebecca,
    Nice to find your blog and see how you are. I must be but a mere memory!!!! Jane


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