Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Get Too Comfy

The Bishop came over yesterday afternoon to "get to know our family." HA. After the usual small talk, he started in on the "so what kind of callings have you held before?" direction. Of course, Roger listed his off without hesitation. And, unlike my usual self, I actually 'fessed up to mine, but qualified it with a "I really just like to be behind the piano. It keeps me safe from lots of other things." The Bishop seemed to get a kick out of that. It would seem that they had actually come over to extend callings to us (they're getting so sneaky) and mine was for Primary Pianist. HOORAY!! I know that we don't get to choose how we serve, but if I did, that would be my pick everytime. No preparation, no speaking in front of people, and I get to make faces at my kids. What's better than that? Then is was Roger's turn. He didn't seem too concerned, since he doesn't have all the phobias I do. He would be comfortable anywhere, except for a big organization that has never been on his radar. Scouts. Just the sound of the word made him shiver. Webelos Pack Leader. Huh? "What do you do with that?" Roger asked, looking in my direction. "Don't look at me- I had sisters!" (sorry Benjamin). Camping, knot tying, pinewood derbys. "But I don't know anything about that stuff," he protested. Well, Brother Wisor, it looks like you'll soon be learning.


  1. Hahaha! Tell him to start by finding horny toads in the nearest desolate habitation. That'll get him ready for scouts in no time:)

  2. Roger will love it! Chris has been in scouts for years now! He totally loves it.

  3. Hey, that's what I got called to (again) a few months ago! It's true - by far the best calling. All those years of lessons seem worth it every Sunday.
    I almost thought I was gonna get asked to do Nursery cuz I knew they were struggling with help in there, so when he said pianist I pretty much yelled "YES! I'll take it!"

    Yeah for you! =) Liz, I guess that means your next!

  4. AWESOME! Looks like you will get right into the swing of things and the new ward will be home before you know it.


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