Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Century Mark

I just saw that this was my 100th post! My oh my, how time does fly. I guess for such a "special" occasion I should blog about something profound. But when do I EVER blog about something profound? No need to shake things up now. This is dedicated to Liz who got me on to this blogging business in the first place. The whole "everybody's doing it" peer pressure garbage is something that never has worked on me. I never did find any pleasure in being just like everybody else (hey, maybe that's why Utah and I didn't get along so well). But when she told me that it's a great way to save all your you've got me. She knew that our piece of crap computer is guaranteed to crash at least once a year, taking all my stuff with it. That was all it took. I jumped on the wagon, and must admit the ride has been more fun than I had anticipated, not to mention I am actually taking MORE photos now than before. So, dear sister, after I read your last post about unfinished projects (and aren't we all unfinished projects ourselves?), I thought I'd show you that I've been there, done that, and got a t-shirt. Heck, I should MAKE the shirts, for all the half-finished good intentions I have around here. I wish I could blame it on moving, but let's be honest, it's just a character trait. A wonderful trait (despite what my husband may say) that makes me convinced that there is such a thing a "Home Improvement ADD." Our staircase going up to the second story is enclosed by walls. Very tall walls. Very tall walls that I can't get to without a ladder, and I haven't gotten creative enough to figure out a way to stabilize a ladder on stairs. I might just have to get out my "paintbrush-duct-taped-to-the-end-of-a-roller-extension-pole" contraption again. The opposite wall that needs to be painted as well, but seeing as how things didn't go so well the first time, I haven't even started. The paneling? No need to mess with that since I can't paint the wall, right? Never mind that all the other paneling in the house has now been primed and painted (check out the bottom left of the photo). We replaced all the doorknobs so I hurried and painted the doors while we had the knobs off. And by "painted the doors" I mean painted the part that would be covered up by the knob itself. I finished Brendan's floor like 2 weeks ago. And by "finished" I mean up to his closet. The box of the remaining planks is waiting in his room. And the quarter round molding for the rest is waiting Home Depot. I've heard that the "industrial chic" look is very trendy right now anyways. Just trying to be fashionable. Talk about your "working kitchen." Thank heavens for lots of countertop space. Countertop space that has turned into my current projects storage facility. Just a daily reminder of my to-do list. Sorry Mr. KitchenAid -we'll get together and do lunch sometime.


  1. It is so good to know you are not perfect! Up till now I really thought you were! Now I just know that you are human! HA HA!

  2. I love your counter tops. That wall by the stairs would be practically impossible. Good luck.

  3. This looks like 3 of my "work stations". It;'s driving me nuts, but we've nailed in the 1/4 rounds today! well mostly:) Justin will be almost 3 weeks with no days off, but neither of us are complaining after seeing the AMEX bill. The sad thing is that we paid cash for 1500 sf of flooring, I can't believe how fast everything added up and I still have yet to buy more furniture!


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