Monday, July 28, 2008

You Know You're In Texas When...

As the centerpiece of our living room, the oh so lovely built-ins were knocked out on the bottom by the old owners to make room for a TV. But there ain't no way that any doggone television set would take a higher spot that the "focal point" of the room: the gun case. A shrine for rifles, complete with glass doors. Just in case you've gotten REALLY lost, you can just glance at the address numbers painted on the curb and know what state you're in. While priming over all the dark green trim in the game room, I discovered that even door casing can be a tribute to the Lone Star State. "You all can go to hell. I am going to Texas." -- Davy Crockett after serving three terms as a Tennessee congressman.


  1. Hi Rebecca! It's me, Brett :) I just saw your note to me on Classmates. I left my e-mail there for you. What a gorgeous group of youth you've got there!

  2. Remember my parent took out their drawers to put their tv on the ground. It was how everyone was doin it. I am just glad they didnt have a gun case above it.

  3. HILARIOUS about the TV being used where it could be used in the gun case! Yep, Welcome to Texas my fellow Arizonan!

  4. I had a roommate from Te-has once and I can testify...Those Texans love their lone star.

    And big hair.

    So have you converted or are you still a CA girl at heart.


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