Saturday, July 19, 2008

Grandma's Texas Trip

Tons of photos, and none of you Mom??? Next time I'm going to have to take the camera away from you. Thank you, however, for taking pictures of signs that made me laugh, however inappropiate (yes, they are included in the slideshow).

For those who don't know the full story, we literally dropped off the Uhaul on the way to pick up my Mom from the airport. So to say that things were a bit...well...chaotic would be an understatement. She came to our new home to be greeted by piles of boxes, beds that needed to be assembled, etc etc. Anyone who knows my Mom knows that this didn't scare her a bit, and she went straight to work. For once when she asked, "What can I help with?" I actually HAD an answer. And it was usually in list format :)

Thanks for all the help, Mom. And the daily ice cream. And the movies. And the clean garage that we could park in 48 hours after moving in (okay, now I'm just bragging.) Next trip will be a little more relaxing. I promise.


  1. another cute slide show. We are supposed to get our keys on Mon... that probably means Tuesday, but hopefully by Wednesday. The funding went through Friday late afternoon, of course. We had to postpone our truck and call everyone to tell them not to help. So annoying!

  2. I was really hoping to see a pic of your mom! I do the same thing, though, when my momma comes out to visit.

    Moving...ugh. I can't believe you dodn't have box garage still.


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