Monday, July 14, 2008

All Hooked Up

Alright everybody, do you really think that I would be soooo busy that I wouldn't post?? You should all know me better than that. Our internet is FINALLY connected tonight (although they had until tomorrow at 5pm), and not a moment too soon. Living without the "trinity" ( phone, satellite AND internet) was almost enough to kill me. I kept threatening that I was going to find a nice quiet "hotspot" outside a Starbucks and blog from the front seat of my car. But alas, we are now fully in touch with the outside world. Since I am way too tired to get into all the fun details tonight, here's a couple to hold you all over until tomorrow...

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  1. I had to watch the slide show 5 times to help me feel like I was almost there:) I want to see what's painted! I'd also like a snack on that cookie-welcome banner. That was cute.


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