Friday, June 6, 2008

Schools Out For Summer

My oh my, Thursday was a busy day. Roger was sweet enough to take the day off of work so I could have some backup - I still haven't perfected the art of being two places at one time. He was able to go and get me new tires for the van (and just in time, I might add). After we had a tire blowout last week, and no jack in the van to actually CHANGE that tire, it was time that both those issues were addressed. He took care of that, and then headed over to see Camden's kindergarten performance/ graduation. Then he checked out Jordan and the three of them went out to lunch as a end of the school year celebration. All the while, I was at the dentist with Hayden who had two cavities that needed to be filled. Because there was no way that he would cooperate, we had to put him out with an IV sedation (cha ching - $800). Poor baby. I guess it is a good thing that they did though: by the time they were done with him, he had three pulpotomys, 2 fillings, some sealant and (drum roll please) one back molar that ended up being pulled. Oh yeah, cha ching again. Who knew that dental bills for ONE visit could end up costing more that a mortgage payment? All this for my child that enjoys brushing his teeth the most. After that, we spent 3 hours keeping him from getting up and running around as he "woke up." Sierra and Jordan did a fabulous job entertaining him when they got home, and teasing Camden that Hayden lost a tooth before he did.
Three silver teeth in back now, thanks to the crowns. Beautiful ring of crusty saliva/blood. Don't say gross - it's his battle scar. Check out the roots on this thing! Sierra got to bring home her very first pillow that she made in her home ec class. Note all the jewelry, care of Grandma Carla who sent her a TON after cleaning out her jewelry drawer. Today should prove to be much less exciting until tonight, when Sierra has a end of the year slumber party...


  1. Is that Hayden's tooth?!! No WAY! I can't believe the size of that thing! No wonder they are so grouchy when they come in.

  2. I so feel for you Rebecca!! We went through that with Morgan. Haley has had one teeny cavity and Morgan has had a million.. How does that work?


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