Monday, June 16, 2008

"Oh No, Someone Put A Car In Our Garage!"

As screamed by Hayden, who was heading out to the outside freezer to try to sneak some ice cream. Yes, as Mother Nature would have it, the rain was heading our way. Not a problem, except for the fact that our passenger side window got off it's track in the down position, making it no longer an "all-season" vehicle (the driver side is stuck in the up position-long story). So I'll just park it in the garage. Not a problem, except that our garage is FULL OF OUR CRAP. Sorry Roger, MY crap. A borderline craigslist addiction. Ahhh, that's a whole other post. In any case, after a, voila! Problem solved.
Before Plan B would be to "shove some towels in it."
Roger wasn't going for this one. Check it out... Follow-up: it never did rain.


  1. Well I'm glad it's not just us. We have this garage... that is also full of "things". We're not sure where all the things come from... but they're there none the less.

    What's funny is that while reading this there was not a mention to fix the windows, but rather to park in the garage. I think white trash is a gene unremoveable:)

  2. It probably won't rain until you fill up your garage with more "crap". How funny that your son was surprised to see you car in the garage. Very cute.

  3. What? what is a garage? I have heard of a carport before.. not a garage....


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