Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Wild

Just a quick family trip to our (neighborhood) Cabela's. So many things to love. It's air conditioned, unlike a zoo. And it's free. There's ponds of fish, and millons of "stuffed" animals, so we've got Brendan covered. And the rest of the kids can smack each other around with fishing poles, pretend to shoot each other with guns, climb into boats so their mom can take a picture (clearly ignoring the "No Children On The Boats Please" sign), and when all that gets old, throw a tantrum thoughout the store and all the way home because "Camden got a HUGE sample of fudge and I only got like one little crumb." It wouldn't be a proper family outing without one meltdown. Usually it's mine. Jordan was furious that I got a picture of him crying (something I throughly enjoyed) and made sure that I took another one of him once we got home and he had calmed down. "Don't you think that my behavior has been much better, Mom? I'm going to try extra hard to behave from now on." Yeah, that should last.


  1. I can't believe you can ALL venture out, that's amazing to me! I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet, I will have to get some pointers! Melt downs would be mine!! Cute hair though!! Miss ya!!

  2. We love Cabela's! We have a Bass Pro Shop, which is similar to it, and always stop there with the kids just to look. One time I found camping chairs for the kids for under $5! I bought 2 of course and was thinking of getting more. After seeing your zoo post I thought it was funny that you mentioned the store beinn "air conditioned". :)

  3. yes we also love Cabelas... who needs a "real" zoo??? hahhahaa.. the boys love feeding the fish... that is their favorite..oh and the elevators...but my favorite is when my oldest slips out of my hand runs off..we cant find him, then the worker finds him, peeing in a corner.. yeah my favorite..or another time... we are in the elevator..yes my oldest again, pushes the emergency button and they call for ER Vehicles... we IMMEDIATELY left the store! Look out for real zoo pictures on my blog I havent updated yet...


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