Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting There Is Half The Fun

Alright, so after three days we are back. I wish I could say the same about all our photos, bank account information and downloaded music, but alas, they are gone. Our computer died. Again. The third time in the last few years. And, as my husband has told me more than once, "if you back things up on the external drive you won't lose them." Thanks dear. I appreciate your help. After the fact. Yes, we can reinstall the programs...once we find the discs, which are packed away, awaiting our impending move. Oh yeah, the move. Another drama in and of itself.

On a happier note, we DO have the photos that were left on the memory card. Not many, since I am diligent about "making room" for new pictures, but here's some from our family outing on Wednesday. We took the train from Fort Worth into Dallas, stopping at the zoo. Our Hogle Zoo passes from Utah work at the Dallas Zoo too, and since they expire at the end of the month, we figured that we might as well use them one more time. We lasted all of 45 minutes once we (finally) got there. "It's soooo hot!" "Can we go home yet?" "The humidity is making my hair all frizzy(one guess who that was)" "My feet hurt!" "Are we almost done - I'm sweating too bad to walk!" 90 degrees people. Are these the same kids that survived two summers in Arizona?? Pitiful.


  1. HAAAAAA!!! That is the funniest blog so far. I can hear the kids complaining:) You need a Mac! They don't get viruses.

  2. Love it when you are doing something for the children and they complain. I usually correct them by saying "Don't you mean to say, Thank you mom for...?"


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