Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birthday Dinner

No surprise why we chose this place, eh? It took us forever to just to get through the gift shop portion (Brendan had to stop at each stuffed animal so he could "clap" their hands). He was in HEAVEN with all the animals and their "show," that went off every few minutes. Afterwards we walked around the mall where Roger was nice enough to share some funnel cake with his children.We know how Daddy is about sharing his treats :) We spotted a rhino statue and bison, but not before ol' Eagle eyes. He let go of our hand and took off running so he could give them a smooch. Sierra was just rolling her eyes. "Mom, does he have to do that?" Absolutely. It's his birthday.

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  1. I was looking at the pics thinking, "I bet that's the Rainforest Cafe". So was the food good? We almost went a few times, but thought we would wait until we were HUNGRY. How fun. And just wait for the blog post coming.... I am so excited about it and hope you will be able to appreciate it:)


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