Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Brendan!

I've seen so many posts of people answering the question "what were you doing 10 years ago?" Most of the time I would have to make up the answer, but I know exactly what I was doing 10 years ago today. I was in a hospital bed. In pain. Telling Roger that this would be our last, because I certainly couldn't go through another pregnancy and labor. Come to think of it, that's exactly what I was saying 16 months prior to that when I was giving birth to Sierra. But I disgress. This time I really meant it.

Little did we know what our lives would be like with this special child. Exhausting. Frustrating beyond all belief. I had never heard the word autism before, or have any idea the way our lives would be forever changed because of it. I have to laugh as I look through the pictures of him through the years. A majority of the time he was just in a diaper. If he was lucky he could find something to smear all over himself for a fabulous sensory buzz: mud, desitin, paint, peanut butter. Why the Lord chose to send a special needs child to me, I have yet to discover. But I do know that for all the trials and tribulations (most of which I have blocked out so I can function on a daily basis), our family will be forever grateful.

P. S. Make sure to watch out for my favorite "Brendan moment" : him soaking wet after leaping into the reflecting pool in front of the Mesa Temple. I'm sure that the Lord understood.


  1. Happy Birthday BRENDAN! What a Beautiful Boy! He STILL has the same likes and dislikes as he did as a baby. Loved the one with the hose and all the animals...It doesn't get any better than that... LOTS of ANIMALS (and water!)...You and Roger are doing a GREAT JOB. Love, MOM (and Grandma)

  2. Wow, I cannot believe how old he is! A Brendan moment was when we were new to Fresno and there was this family with this very loud child...
    I love it!



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