Monday, June 9, 2008

We Are Family

Mom just sent me this photo of the "family tree" shadowbox I made her for Mother's Day, since in my haste to send it off (yes, it was still late) I forgot to take a picture. Notice the "empty" spaces just in case anybody (else) adds to the tribe. Thanks to all my sisters for the names/birthdays of your families.
In other news, my sister Khristie is finally blogging! Since I have no idea how to make a link within this text (instructions are welcomed - leave them as comments), check her out on my blog links on the side bar. Melissa T -now there is somebody else representin' the fine state of Idaho! (I can't believe I typed that with a straight face.)


  1. Cute tree! So here's how you add the link. You know where you put in the picture... after you t in the text, highlight your word and then there is an option near the picture option that's called links's... it's a picture not a word. then you just add it. Good luck. I agree, yay for Khristie.

  2. Where in Idaho is your sister? It is a fine state and I think all people who live here are wonderful and some even special!

  3. Yes, that is close to me. About 2 hours. Neighbors in Idaho terms!

  4. What are the odds? I'm SO glad you stumbled upon me. (Though I'm going to pretend you initiated an indepth search specifically for me to boost me ego. :) )

    You look fantastic, love your brown ribbon and your playlist, and your kids are pretty stinkin' cute.

    But when did we get old enough to have kids as old as we were when we first became friends?

    Please check in on me. I'm adding you to GoogleReader this instant.


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