Monday, May 19, 2008

Ooohh-So Refreshing!

When we were unloading the van from our picnic yesterday, the kids were asking when it would be warm enough to go swimming for the first time this year. I told them I could just leave out the ice chest and they could have at it. "No way did you go swimming in an ice chest!" Roger accused. Not only did I- I've got a picture to prove it. White trash? This picture doesn't even scratch the surface...


  1. HA!!! I totally forget about these things! But what's funny is Justin has been doing a little "Okie" work on our swap cooler to get it running. I was joking with him that we really can't help being white trash... it's in our blood:)

  2. That is awesome, totally awesome! I guess I qualify for white trash too, I was pulled around in the roasting pan then we used the same pan for sunday dinner!


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