Monday, May 12, 2008

In The Zone

This is what our kitchen table looks like everyday.
Each morning I clean it off, and as soon as Brendan gets off the bus in the afternoon, he comes a runnin'.
Within minutes it's back to this.
Dozens of pictures, sprawled out for him to admire.
He will literally do this for hours. Luckily we have barstools, otherwise the other kids would have to eat on the couch.
Oh yeah- they already eat on the couch...


  1. I saying you should publish his pictures in a book! GO on Oprah and then Brenden will be set for life:)

  2. Thanks for putting Brendan on with his ART.... I love it when he gets in the "ZONE".... you can see (even in the photo) that his brain is going faster than he can get the ART on PAPER! Love it!


  3. Glad we are not the only ones who eat on the couch!!


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