Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheap Thrills

I couldn't resist buying this chair a few months back off of Craigslist. Yeah, so it was a little - what's the word - "dated." I prefer to call it "vintage." In any case, it was a nasty oak color, but it was only $5 and the people getting rid of it lived only a few miles away. I wasn't sure exactly where it would go NOW, but I knew with a little red spray paint it could be great in the boys room when we moved. Then as I'm browsing through photos of rooms for design inspiration in the last week (that's a whole other subject), look what I find. Super cute room, love that tree and...WAIT A MINUTE!!! That's my chair! In red, no less. I knew I was on to something.


  1. No WAY! I just saw the exact same chair (not hard to do) sitting outside someone's house looking like it needed a better home and I thought to myself,"man that would be kind of cute spray painted!" How funny. I LOVE it red!

  2. That is crazy! I love the red chair. After reading Liz's comment I'm starting to wonder if your flare for decor is genetic. If so, it's a good gene!

  3. So awesome! I found a wingback chair at a garage sale, $10.00 it needs reupholstered. 2 years later it is still in my room, in ugly pale orange and brown stripes. so, good work on following through on your find!


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