Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Once In A While

Brendan has riden the bus to school for years now...I guess almost 7, to be exact, since he began when he was three.
Every morning he happily runs to the bus, backpack flopping, fingers firmly pressed in his ears. That would be his response to any intense emotion (or situation): anger, anxiety, happiness, or in this case, excitement.
But today, his ears weren't plugged. And instead of running as fast as he can up the bus steps, he stopped. And turned around. "Bye Bye Mommy!" he called, waving.
Be still my heart.


  1. That is seriously awesome! Every now and then our heart strings are pricked and we keep the kids for another day.

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  3. OH those moments when you are caught off guard and stunned in absolute wonder and amazement. YAY for Brendan, and YAY for Brendan's mom! Aren't those moments worth it all (well almost anyway...)UGH jealousy is taking me over. I'll email you those boundary changes...too much to type! My hands still hurt from yesterday.

  4. Okay that made me laugh to "fingers firmly pressed to his ears"!!! So funny! What a huge moment though:)

  5. Love that! It is amazing to realize the simple things I take for granted. Thanks for sharing! You're amazing.


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