Friday, May 2, 2008

Utah Home: August 2006-November 2007

Oh happy day! Our Eagle Mountain house is (finally) in escrow.

It was definitely our biggest undertaking ever. Redoing everything upstairs and then finishing out 1300 square feet of basement. It's one thing to paint walls. It's another thing to have to decide where those walls should be, frame them out, run electrical, hang drywall, mud & tape, sand. Sand again. Sand again.

6 months and one tile saw later, our cozy quarters were transformed from a 3 bedroom/2 bath to a 5 /3 + office. We originally thought we could finish it up in 3 months. Five kiddos underfoot can slow you down big time... next time I'll be smarter and ship them off to Grandma's :)

Here are a few "before and afters" of our adventures.


  1. LOVE the befores and afters. you guys are so talented! i know house projects are a lot of work - and it looks like all your hard work has paid off. you've always had that great decorating sense going on. every "after" picture looked like a model home - perfectly staged - no clutter. good work! i'm going to show jeremy your dining room trim work. we may have to steal your idea!

  2. Ok, your coming to my house to help me with the boys' room! Seriously your house was soo amazing, I bet it was so hard to move from there after all that work! I cant wait to get out of military housing and into our own place... I really think it will be atleast 5-8 years! You have great decorating style!

  3. So I sent this blog post to my realtor in relation to creative ideas. She loved it!

  4. Holy Smokes! That looks like a TON of work. Your before and after shots are amazing!
    Way to go.

  5. I'm so impressed . You are such a good decorator!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! You guys did an awesome job! I would not want to leave my house after doing all that work.


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