Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's For Dinner Tonight, Mom?

Mmmm...smoked baboon. You would think that after Brendan has his whole middle section burnt to a crisp that he would lose his interest in the whole fire/stove/oven thing. I guess misery loves company. He ran into the kitchen last night, quicky opened the oven, threw his victim in and slammed the door shut, all in a matter of 3 seconds. Since I was cooking fish sticks it was at 425 degrees and his beloved friend went up in flames instantly. Did I say fish sticks? I meant smoked fish sticks. Poor Rafiki.


  1. c'mon mom, rafiki wasn't done yet- still needed to blend flavors with the fish sticks. yum!

  2. HAAA!!! As you describe the story I can see it happening in my mind...:)


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