Monday, April 28, 2008

Totally Radical Flashback

Roger and I went to an 80's theme party Friday night. I had searched thrift stores all week for cool new (old) duds. All I could find for him was this shirt...who can believe that all the Body Glove tshirts are no longer around??? He did peg his pants though ;) I got my lovely skirt at the bargain price of $2.99. Too bad it was a size 18 and there is a massive amount of rolling up going on under there. The scarf (belt) and rainbow heart earrings were stolen from Sierra's room, as was her silver blue nail polish and purple & blue eye shadow. "Why do you keep taking my stuff - it's not from the 80's! And by the way Mom, you look like a freak." Ahhhh...that means I got it just right. When we got to the party WE WERE THE ONLY ONES DRESSED UP! We seriously need to find some better friends... I had to add this photo for historical accuracy - note the AWESOME rainbow umbrella that would have complemented my earrings beautifully. I have no idea how old we were, but I'd guess it was around '84 based on the Micheal Jackson glove thing. Then there is Liz and Khristie looking much more conservative, well, except for those big ol' puffy coats.

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  1. Lots of memories with these photos!
    You both look GREAT... glad you can continue to show people how to have a good time! Love Mom


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