Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Of Our Favorites

After last weeks house hunting "adventure" I was afraid to get too excited when we went out again today. Last week we saw lots of charm AND lots of renovation required. Two things I love, but those two things come with a third friend called LOTS OF CASH ON HAND to be able to complete that work. So we expanded our search to a new area and were happy to discover that our budget would get us something a little more move-in ready. Here are a few highlights: This one wasn't even on our list but was a few doors down from one that saw (and liked). It had never come up in our search since it has only 3 bedrooms, but it had 4 living areas??? Turns out the upstairs fourth bedroom was set up as a game room (next to another game room) and we could easily use it as a huge 4th bedroom. Loved it. Could be our next house if it's still available in 2 weeks. This kitchen is from our second choice. Lots of blue to paint over (sorry Julia) but super cute with a distinct colonial/historic feeling that I loved. A second story "master bedroom in the trees" from yet another house. Totally private back yard (from the blue kitchen house). Another back yard that backs to the green belt.


  1. LOVE the kitchen and the brick 3 bedroom. That's not what 3 bedroom homes look like over here. I'm so excited for you!

  2. Wow, house hunting, I cant wait to do it.. I hate military housing! I LOVED that kitchen.. but agree Blue is not a good color. Good luck!

  3. you don't need to apologize to me. when i was looking at the pictures i was thinking, "uh, that's not a good color selection for that kitchen". that's a yucky blue, especially with their cabinets and backsplash. nothing can do our "woodsmoke" justice the way our kitchen does! =)


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