Monday, April 14, 2008

My Head Could Explode At Any Moment

I am not joking. Today I have been in a bad mood. I don't want to be. Yes, it's about "that time of the month" that I should be irritable, but c'mon. THIS irritable? If you are looking to be uplifted, STOP READING NOW. I agreed to watch 2 kids all day, so naturally my frustration has mostly been at things that they are doing (poor children). They aren't my kids so they don't know the "unspoken rules." of the house. Quite frankly, I didn't know what they were until they began to break them. 1. DO NOT TAP ME. DO NOT TUG ON MY PANTS. The little girl is super shy and doesn't like to talk, and when she does, I can't understand a word she says. When she wants my attention, she taps me. I really want to scream. 2. DO NOT ASK FOR MORE FOOD WHEN YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE FOOD I JUST GAVE YOU. child: "I'm hungry. I need something to eat." me: "What about the cereal you asked for that's still on the table, and the sandwhich that you didn't finish, and the goldfish crackers THAT YOU ARE HOLDING RIGHT NOW!" Closely related to the last one, but a slight variation: 3. WHEN I ASK YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT, DO NOT STARE UP INTO THE PANTRY, TAKE OUT EVERY BOX, etc etc ALL THE WHILE SAYING "ummmmm..." I tried the "Do you want ________?" (fill in the blank). No success. 4. IF YOU ARE PLAYING NICELY I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE IN THE ROOM. Seriously, I KNOW that their mom (who has 8 children) does not hover over them all day. This kid has been my shadow all day long, all the while saying "what are you doing?" 5. "THAT BIG BOY IS BEING LOUD." Long story, but Brendan stayed home from school today. Anytime that he would make one of his "noises" - which is about every 5 minutes - I would be alerted. IF I COULD SHUT HIM UP DON'T YOU THINK I WOULD?? All I can say is thank the Lord for scrapbooking paper punches. They found them while opening drawers and going through my stuff and I let them go to town punching out shapes. Anything. Just leave me alone...


  1. Okay that's funny! Only because it was you and not me!! We must have the same genes because that drives me nuts too and not only is it, "don't pull on my pants" it's "don't step on my feet!!!" I too feel sorry for children that come to my house when I'm annoyed, but it does remind me of my prayers to Heveanly Father. He has got to be saying the same things only, "would you STOP asking me the same questions! I told you in ONE minute." Unfortunately for me His minutes are a whole lot longer than my minutes :)

  2. I found your blog a while back, and love to check up on you guys. having fun in Texas?!

    So funny to read! All of it! Thanks for the laugh, sorry you had a bad day, hope it goes better tommorow.

    Kevin and Mariah

  3. Rebecca,
    If I am having a "mom needs some serious time outs" I just need to check into your life and boom I am doing just fine!
    Seriously, watching other kids, for the most part stinks, especially the tapping and the little talking shadows. sorry man!!


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