Friday, April 18, 2008

My Day In Court

When you get a ticket in Texas, you have to go down to the courthouse of the city where you were "written up" so to speak. I don't know how it works if you are travelling, but who cares since I wasn't that far away from my crime scene. I got up early and got ready so I could be there as soon as they opened. No, I did not wear a tight skirt and low cut blouse as my husband suggested. When I came home: Roger: How did it go? Me: It was super quick. I didn't even have to wait in line, there was barely anybody there. Roger: Did you throw yourself at the mercy of the court? Me: I was so disappointed! It didn't even get to go into the courtroom. There's just a lobby with windows like at the DMV, I paid my $162, promised to get no tickets for 30 days (I'll just stay home for a month!), and after that they dismiss it. Roger: Then why are you smiling? Me: The lady said I had the cutest hair ever.


  1. It's all about having awesome hair!!!

    you: WHAT!!! $2,000 for a ticket?!

    them: I LOVE your hair!!

    you: Would you like that cash or check?

  2. Hey Becky, (are you still Becky? that's what we called you in High School...). Let me start over just in case...

    Hey Rebecca, your family is so cute. Your oldest daughter looks just like I imagine you looked as a kid. I'm glad you found us - it's good to catch up with you and all your family. Everyone looks like they're doing great. And yes, you do have the cutest hair ever - that DMV ticket counter lady was right! Hope today is good to you...

  3. Rebecca-
    Glad you sent me your blog. Your kids are so grown up. I just got a ticket for 30 over in a school zone (ouch and bad girl). I am for sure going to the court... I may try the low cut blouse or maybe just some cute hair.
    Megan Okerlund


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