Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

The directions: use the letters of your middle name as the first letter of words that describe you. I suppose I will have to add having a short middle name to my list of blessings. So what I immediately thought of was Just Another Normal Everyday girl. But normal could be considered an overstatement. So let's go with Jocose Audacious Niggling Enervated That's a bit more revealing. And it will exercise your brain (or send you to which is perfectly acceptable). I have no idea who is reading this, and if they are they would be smart to pretend they haven't to avoid the assignment...but let's go with Gwen Laurie Melanie (you need to update your blog anyways!) Melissa


  1. At least you thought of here I am running to my dictionary just to think up the words for my middle name. And it wasn't even that funny... bummer.

  2. I have never in my life heard of those words, so I didnt even want to pick up the dictionary.. no point! LOL. Yeah, I miss my mom, she lives too far away now. Although I am curious as to why I was talked about a lot... were my brothers brought up in the conversations?? Ok never mind, I really dont care if my brothers were talked about.. it just have been really good things said about me! hahaa.. glad you had fun with the parentals (I am kind of word dumb, so I just say parentals. haha) I know my mom was looking forward to going over there, and David just talks, sometimes I just ignore what he says cause he just rambles.. hahaa..OK I am rambling. BUT, I am on the same page with you, although I just had a baby, I weigh myself on Saturdays and not Mondays... by the way, if they didnt mention it, I can talk alot!


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