Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's On Liz!

I just had to put this photo on after seeing Liz's blog that says she's in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps... but can she get a picture of her WHOLE CITY TO FIT INTO ONE PHOTO???
No Way-only in Utah baby. Beat that, girlfriend!


  1. i remember gettin this pic on the mish.... ya, that is way out in the middle of nowhere! so im kinda bummed i cant come out with dad and pennie to see u guys in te-has.... maybe in the summer, but then its really humid and hot there so maybe in the fall... =)

  2. Well when you walk away 25 miles it's easy to get the WHOLE TOWN in! Seriously I think there's about 6,000 people in our town including all the little houses along the way. I'll try for the whole town shot though:)


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