Friday, April 4, 2008

Five Kids And An Icee (or Ft Worth Zoo, Part 2)

We just got some more photos that mom took with her camera. Here are some of my favorites. Do I really even need a caption for these? It's survival of the fittest out here in the wild (note the expression on Hayden's face as he realizes that he is on the BOTTOM of the food chain and looks to Grandma for pity). Grandma Carla better watch out...Sierra just turned 11 and has hit a growing spurt. She's just past the 5'3 mark and only has a few more inches to go to catch up. They can already share shoes (size nine-yikes!) Remember we used to be worried about Brendan withering away? He's all stuff and fluff now.


  1. Ok I was totally laughing out loud at the "stuff and fluff" comment! Was the icee $10 or something? I would've needed one for myself:)

  2. You are so witty. Some one commented earlier that you should write a book. I totally agree. You have so many hilarious stories. I'd buy it in a flash. By the way, have you been in touch with Judy Garrard lately? Does she have a blog?


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