Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Didn't want to go to playgroup. Didn't want to. Mommy guilt got the best of me and I agreed. Took a "shortcut" which added at least 10 minutes onto our trip. Hayden screamed the whole way since we didn't stop at the park down the street from our house. We finally arrive and no one is there. Oh wait...there is a group of Mom's down a little way feeding the ducks. Haven't seen any of them before in my life. Hayden pouts on the bench, "I don't want to play at this park." 5 minutes later we're packing up and off to check out the Home Goods which isn't too far away. Let's face it, I rather be doing that anyways. Hmmm...somehow I'm thinking that we are NOT going the right way. Painfully slow road construction, cows, green fields. Got to see the lovely Texas countryside (don't you love my taking photos while driving technique? Don't try this at home kids) but it's very obvious we are not getting anywhere close to where we want to be going. Then we get to where mapquest says turn right. Nope, the road dead ends. We make a call to Daddy at work so he can locate where we are ("You're all the way in DENTON??") and give us an alternate route. That exit is closed. More backtracking. We finally arrive at Home Goods 58 minutes later (mapquest time for : 24 minutes) On the way home, traffic is completely backed up. Deep breaths. I am able to endure it for 2 miles, then give up, taking an exit (ANY EXIT) to take the surface roads back home. Before I even hit the first street light, I am welcomed to Texas...

Yep. Going 45 in a 30 zone. The good news of that situation? He didn't notice that Hayden had unbuckled when I had stopped the car ("Can I get out, Mom?") He did want to know why I had a California license. Because I just moved from there - with stops in Arizona and Utah along the way.

But I don't have time to dwell on that. My phone is ringing and it's Brendan's school nurse telling me that when she looked at his burn today it appears to be getting infected and I should take him in ASAP.

We stop at Braums and get food (it's now 2:00 and we haven't eaten since 7am) and Hayden realizes (after we have left) that they forgot to give us our soda.

Sierra gets home so I can leave the rest of the kids and take Brendan into the "minute clinic". Are things finally going smooth - there's NO WAIT! HA. The doctor there informs me that they have to "refer out" his burn since he would have to undress and that is against there policy. "They have a great ER downtown." Good. I don't want anyone but the best when I jump off a cliff.


  1. I dont know if I want to laugh at this or cry for you... holy cow, What a day!

  2. Ohhhh... where were the worms? In your soda? Good thing they forgot to give it to you :) That pretty much tops all days i've had... ever! Do you ever wonder if the Lord is just laughing? If Roger were a CHP 1. you probably wouldn't live in Texas, BUT you might've gotten out of the ticket. You still would've been in another state though with the mapquest directions...

  3. That just sucks!! There just isn't a nicer way to describe it. Hope the next day was better:)


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