Monday, March 24, 2008

This One Is For Liz

Roger and I went to see English Beat, and I thought it the perfect occasion to try out my new "clip in" highights (can you call it a highlight if it's purple?) Sierra's reaction? "That's so not fair Mom-you get to do everything fun with your hair!" She got over it quickly when she found out I got a hot pink one for her. Hey, they were 2 for $7, I couldn't refuse. Granted, not the best photos, but I just had to share. Thanks Liz for the resource tip!
(also pay no attention to the black hair, it's been taken care of. Where's Laurie when I need her??)


  1. HAHAHAHA!! I like the black hair! I love the clip in!! I miss you!!

  2. YAY!!! I asked justin's buddy to bring a laptop over so I could check my email and your blog!!! I LOVE IT! Look at you bloggin away I knew you'd have a way cuter one than me from the get go... no I'm not envious. I've decided the world needs variety in all things.


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