Monday, March 24, 2008

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

I can't tell you how long Jordan begged for a suit to wear to church. Or how long it took me to realize what he was talking about. "The black outfits that all the boys wear, Mom-I need one really bad." Of course I kept thinking I would buy one and then he'd never wear it. HA. Every week he's carefully taking it off the hanger and deciding which tie he's in the mood to wear. We saw one in Camden's size on clearance and now we've got two boys who, for a least 3 hours on Sunday, appear to be well behaved, polished young men. But in front of the camera there is no hiding their true identities.


  1. spiffy lookin boys... they must take after their uncle =)

  2. Hey Rebecca, I found you. You look great, love your hair! Your family is growing too fast. I've finally put up a blog also.
    Check it out. It's good to see you guys doing so well. Gwen


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