Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is The Weekend Over Yet?

I suppose it had been too long since we had an exciting Brendan story to share, so here is our latest..."Mom comes into bedroom and finds 9 year old son on fire." How's that one? Yep, that was Brendan's shirt after the incident. I'm not going to take a picture of the 2nd degee burns that resulted everywhere the shirt fabric is missing, since that would bump this blog up to a PG-13 rating. Suffice it to say, we are VERY GRATEFUL that once again Heavenly Father was looking out for our special boy because it could have been alot worse. Not a very uplifting post, but life isn't always sugar coated, is it? Onto the happier events of the weekend... Jordan has his second piano lesson and is picking it up SOO much faster than I thought (especially considering that I am a lousy teacher). Now the "stop practicing-I can't hear Spongebob!" complaints have begun. Oh, the memories. Take a look at these beauties! It was my first attempt at "cinnamon knots" from our Relief Society cookbook and they actually turned out AND looked beautiful. It is my experience that I usually only get looks or taste, not both. The best part of all? The kids gobbled them up and asked for more. Even Roger accused me of buying them, which, let's face it, is the best compliment of all. Also notice my shiny new pans that I picked up for $3 since I got tired of scrubbing my old disgusting ones. Yipee! I had to get a photo of the DAILY staining of our white formica countertop. We had formica at our old house but I didn't realize that the granite look wasn't just pretty, but it must have hidden a millon stains. Every freakin' morning I've got to bust out the magic eraser to get out grape juice, cranberry juice, koolaid etc etc stains that the kids leave. This was a result of a certain little one (no names, just see my last post and draw your own conclusions) pouring (spilling) "all by myself cuz' it's not too heavy for me!" If it was my kitchen I would've torn this crap out already, but since we are just renting I will have to endure it just a little while longer.

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  1. We are looking forward to hearing a "little concert" the next time we see Jordan. Perhaps Sierra will pick up on the Competition. Those Cinnamon Rolls are looking really GOOD, too. I don't know how you can lose weight when you are busy baking.... They look good though! Can't wait to try them.


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