Friday, March 28, 2008

Hayden The Horrible

Hmmm...what trouble should I stir up now? Our sweet "baby" boy must get very tired of thinking this all day, every day. Just when we think that he is maturing and growing out of his 3 year old bad boy ways, we have a day like this...
Take note of the beautiful chocolate milk mess down the front of his shirt from trying to chug it directly from the carton. Classy.
Here's another one of my favorites...
Some off this weeks highlights:
* Trying to steal candy from Lowes. We are at the register and I look over as he is shoving a big pack of Starburst under his shirt and holding it under his armpit (yum). "You said that you weren't going to buy me any candy, so I got it myself."
* Breaking merchandise at Hobby Lobby. He took off running and as I round the corner to catch him I hear, "1-2-3 GO!" as he drop kicks a ceramic soccer ball. Of course it shatters all over the floor and I'm trying to reason with him that we are NOT supposed to kick soccer balls. He looks at me as if he has the stupidest mother ever. Okay, so it's possible that he could be right on that count.
*Getting stranded at the elementary school. Long story, here's the summary: Three kids in a car. I walk across the parking lot to wave Jordan over to where the car is parked. Hayden slips out the side door, and although Camden sees him, says nothing. Jordan gets in car. We drive home. When we get home I tell Hayden to get out of the car and come inside. "Oh, he wanted to stay at the school I think," Camden says, matter of factly. No worries. Only like 10 adults hovering around him as we pull back up to the school, one of whom feels it necessary to shake her head and glare at me as I get out to retrieve him.

I think I need a nap.


  1. That is too funny! I'm laughing my head off!! I can understand a little. I'll have to share some stories of my "Angel" Morgan.

  2. Oh my gosh I am cracking up, I feel like I just had a day like that taking my three kids to the clinic for check ups... long stories, I might write them in my blog... when I look back and its funny! So HI by the way, I dont have your email or else I would email you, but right now I will just stalk you on blogspot... if you havent already you can totally check out my blog...glad I can get to know you and your family more on this fun thing!

  3. HAHAHA!!!! thats so hilarious!!! im so glad im far far away.... =) i guess im missing out on all the excitement.

  4. It sounds like Hayden is trying to keep up the family "tradition" of hanging out at the elementary school. Looking for his siblings or just hanging out? I seem to remember a couple of other boys that took off looking for their sister one day... BUT they weren't ALONE... they took the family DOG (Bailey?) with them ... Gotta LOVE our INDEPENDENT Thinking Boys!

  5. Oh, Rebecca,
    Wow, that story is so great! In fact all your mother stories are fantastic! Perhaps you need to listen to the talk from Gen. Conf. about young mothers! Whew!


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