Monday, March 24, 2008

Grandma Comes To Visit

Okay, I know that they are ZOO photos, but you gotta know that if Grandma is coming that we are definitely going to the zoo. Of course most of the good pictures were taken with her camera, but I got a couple on my own. The Fort Worth zoo is HUGE...we ended up leaving before we could see everything because, quite frankly, we were tired of walking. Grandma's 3 day visit went by way too fast.


  1. Nice pictures. We are finally getting on board with 'visiting' everyone's blog. Now we just need to update ours!! See ya soon

  2. it's fun to see the kids. they look exactly the same, just bigger versions

  3. I had a BLAST! It was the PERFECT Day. Anytime you want to go again, just give us a call. The photos of the Slurpee are PRICELESS!


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